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You are a cube. A very colorful cube but a cube none the less. Mostly you are a cube because the one friend that said they would do art, and knows you are bad at art decided to come online for one minute only too say "Cool" and they're just so-

Regardless, you are a cube who can only slide to interact with the world. Slide your way to the goal while interacting with everything by bumping into it. New mechanics are introduced on each floor, can you beat all 13 levels? 

Now featuring a lag free version without particle effect! Nothing has been changed from the 48 hour version besides the particles being turned off for the red floors. If you're having trouble running the regular version try this one.

----------------- LEVEL CLEAR SPOILERS FOR LEVELS 5 & 9 -----------------

-----------------  END OF SPOILERS  -----------------

Programs used:

Fonts used: 

All the code / art was made by me. I wanted to have two huge levels at the top with everything that go introduced up to that point but I ran out of time and spent it instead adding an ending. Beat all the levels to see it!

Hopefully everything works. EDIT: Everything did not work. The last level (lvl13) is unbeatable in the current version. I was tried and forgot to play test it. Anyways I don't want people to miss out on the cool ending thing I made if you clear all levels. If you'd like to see it, go to your C:\Users\PCNAME\AppData\Local\ColourCubed and replace all -1's with 1's. It should play when you boot the game up again and enter the level select screen. The lag free version disables some particle effects so the game runs smoothly on low end computers. Other than that it doesn't change anything else.



Colour³.zip 2 MB
ColourCubed - LAG FREE (Compiled after end of game Jam).zip 2 MB

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